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Keren vs Wolrd Series

"Keren vs World" is a hilarious memecoin series the life of a classic Karen on the modern world. Whether she's demanding to see the manager of a digital platform or accidentally crashing virtual markets, Karen's adventures are guaranteed to make you laugh. It's a fun and wacky ride filled with satire and silliness that pokes fun at modern life and technology.

Keren vs World | Episode 1 | Keren vs Memecoin Influencer 

Keren vs World | Episode 2 | Karen vs Presidential Parade

Keren vs World | Episode 3 | The Homeless Meme Trader

Keren Vs World - Episode 4 “ $Keren at the BaseDonald “

Keren Vs World - Episode 5 “ $Keren to the moon! “

To be continued...

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