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Transforming Feedback into NFTs for a More Based User Experience

How it works!

Are you tired of shouting into the void with no response? Have you ever wished your complaints could make a real impact? Well, now they can, thanks to COMPLAIN ONCHAIN!

After numerous futile attempts to reach the manager, I've harnessed the power of blockchain to unleash what I do best: COMPLAIN! But this time, your grievances won't fall on deaf ears. Every grumble is immortalized as an NFT and sent directly to the manager at base @jessepollak.

Before you dismiss this as just another Onchain gimmick, let me assure you—it's much more. Your feedback, even if labeled as a "complaint," serves a crucial purpose: constructive improvement for Base! Our collective goal is to onboard as many users as possible to @base, and this initiative is a step towards enhancing the user experience.

We tried to make complaining as simple as possible!

1) Go to

2) Connect your wallet on the Base network

3) Submit your complaint! ( There will be 2 txs you have to sign )

4) View your complaint at

It’s that simple! 

But wait, there's more!

This is just the first iteration of Complain Onchain. It's a dynamic work in progress with more features in the pipeline. Without giving away too much, let's just say @jessepollak won't be the only one you can "complain" to.

So, don't hesitate to unleash your inner $KEREN—let's collaborate to enhance the user experience of Base together, forever Onchain!

We will also have some special surprises in store for those who utilize this Onchain utility… so you might want to get those complaints submitted.


Join the movement at and let your voice be heard!

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